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Custom Dentures Thornton, Co

The loss of some or even all of your teeth can be devastating to your overall appearance and your self-esteem. There is no need to live with the frustration of having no teeth. The doctors of North Washington Dental in Thornton will create a custom set of replacement teeth that will help to restore your confidence and give you reason to feel like smiling again. Our doctors take their time and incorporate several steps to help ensure your satisfaction with your new smile, whether it be replacement of all your teeth with complete custom dentures or just filling in a few missing teeth with partial dentures. Our staff will present the treatment options below that will best fit your needs and answer all of your questions regarding this type of treatment at your exam appointment.

Partial Dentures:

This is an option for someone who only need some of their teeth replaced. Partial dentures are made to correspond to the shape and size of the patient’s mouth and are nearly impossible to distinguish from natural teeth when done properly. Partials are matched to the color of the existing teeth for an overall natural and beautiful look.

  • Cast base partials – cast in a metal alloy, these partial dentures are strong and well-fitted.
  • Flexible partials – made from nylon, these partial dentures are light-weight and comfortable
  • Temporary dentures/partials – these are designed prior to tooth extraction to fill in any missing teeth immediately after the procedure.


Full Dentures:

Full dentures are the best option when someone has lost all of their teeth. These will look natural as well because they are also matched to the size and shape of the patient’s mouth. They will help restore the ability to eat, laugh, and speak comfortably.

  • Complete, custom dentures – comfortable and functional, custom dentures will give you the appearance of a perfect smile.


If you are interested in custom dentures or partials, call our  Thornton, CO office at (303) 452-2053.

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